The palace gates
  • Yes, that's right. Here's where you'll find the chronicles of my daily life in Paris, in case you couldn't tell by the web address.
The spread at our first Mexican dinner

Dining In in Paris

There are so many restaurants to choose from in Paris that sometimes it’s overwhelming to think of how many great ones I’ll have missed after a year of living here. Despite that, the pleasures of dining in are irresistible: a calm night with friends, homemade food, quality control, great prices, and the enjoyment of preparing … Continue reading

The palace gates

Many months later… another Saturday in Paris

I’ve taken much too long to post updates, but hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things with this post. Quite fittingly, my first post since the Fall will pick up right where I left off, singing the praises of Saturdays in Paris. Despite my general distaste for crowds, the sea of heads and … Continue reading

Coffee and a "cuillère" cookie. Delicious.

Saturdays in Paris

Saturdays in Paris have become my days for enjoying the city. Last week included an evening walking tour through the first arrondissement (which has become glitzy and glittery thanks to all of the Christmas lights decorating buildings and lamp posts) and a delicious traditional French meal that included melted cheese and duck confit. I am really banking … Continue reading

This is (sort of) the center of Ghent, which was was built along the Scheldt and Lys rivers and was extremely wealthy through industries such as grain and wool, among others. The St. Michael's bridge is visible in this photograph.


Finally! Another post. And one with lots of pictures at that! Last weekend my class went to Belgium. This trip couldn’t have been planned for a worse weekend as I had a 6-page paper due Monday morning. Fortunately my time-management skills kicked in and the work got done. Also fortunately, Belgium is a very cool … Continue reading

A few days away (pun!)

So this is cool. I’m on my way to the airport, viewing Paris by night from my cab, and anticipating the good things that await me upon my return. It’s nice to know that (although I didn’t realize it) I’ve already grown attached to the city. Very cool. Also cool: blogging from my phone in … Continue reading

Veggie burger with onion jam, accompanied by a rosé spritzer

44 Hours in London

2 weeks ago I made a last-minute decision to hop on the Eurostar and head to London. After worrying for days about whether I’d be let back into France without a residency card (I’ve been waiting weeks for it), I finally called a French immigration lawyer who told me I have absolutely nothing to worry … Continue reading


I’ve done so much in the past week that in the process of planning my writing, I realized I had to make a list to make sure I haven’t left out any adventures. There’s lots of text, but I hope you’ll be able to follow my writing! I’ve traveled all over Paris this week, visiting … Continue reading

Paris (not so obvious, right?)

Sunday Morning Sightseeing

I’ve been kept from writing by travel, and also by what seems like endless assigned reading, but I promise that I have lots of goodies coming up. For now, I want to publish a few pictures I took this morning while walking around Montmartre. I was in the neighborhood this morning running a quick errand … Continue reading

Studies at Sugarplum

A Productive Sunday

Today was delightful, in a word. After complaining earlier this week about the lack of “American”-style coffee shops in Paris, I remembered my mom mentioning Sugarplum Cake Shop, owned by Americans. If there’s going to be one coffee shop in Paris that can satisfy my need for big tables, muffins (only the greatest study food … Continue reading

Just another day (Warning: This really might be boring. Not kidding.)

Today was not particularly eventful in the sense that I spent most of it reading, going to class, and running errands. In the U.S. I would never dream of documenting such a day — it might be the most boring piece of writing you’d ever read — but I have soooo many fans awaiting my … Continue reading


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